PGR Lifestyle Podcast #8: Pinups For Pitbulls


PPB-logo-trio-bw-300x165Pinups For Pitbulls is such a cool organization! Formed in 2005 by Deirdre “Little Darling” Franklin, who was tired of seeing perfectly adoptable dogs get euthanized in shelters just because of their breed, this wonderful group is a 501C3 charity that is committed to dispelling myths, education and ending Breed Specific Legislation. They are always looking for representative volunteers and their merch is the best! Their Pinups For Pitbulls calendar is now legendary featuring gorgeous women and gorgeous Pibbles!

Proceeds help the Bullies, promote breed awareness and aid in rescue.

I recently caught up with Cate Ness who is a fantastic spokesperson for the group and learned more about this organization I have admired for so long!

Give a listen and check out for more information.


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