PGR Lifestyle Podcast #6: The Puppy Rescue Mission – Part 2 – Meet Kim who has adopted FOUR dogs from Afghanistan


In part 2 of our Puppy Rescue Mission podcast, we highlight a special family. Kim and Joe adopted their four dogs from The Puppy Rescue Mission, however neither is serving in the military. They decided to adopt through PRM for a few reasons.

Dogs from war zones have a lifespan of under two years and most are horribly tortured. They deserve so much better. One of Kim’s dog’s, “Meatball,” is now a trained service dog for Kim’s husband, Joe, as she explains in our podcast.

Kim told me that she has been questioned by people about why she adopts her dogs from war zones through The Puppy Rescue Mission when there are so many dogs in the states looking for homes. Her answer is simple. It is her way of giving back to our military members. There are some soldiers who can’t bring their dogs back to their homes, which is heartbreaking. They may be on active duty, have no one to care for them etc. Kim decided to pay it forward by adopting her dogs that served with soldiers that could not return with their battle buddies. What a great lady. And she has four awesome dogs too!

The PGR Podcast had a great time getting to know Kim, Joe and Meatball!






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