PGR Lifestyle Podcast #6: The Puppy Rescue Mission – Part 1 – Our Soldiers


When I first heard about The Puppy Rescue Mission a few years ago, I was blown away by what they do.  “Soldiers Saving Puppies – Puppies Saving Soldiers” is their mission statement.  How fantastic.

The Puppy Rescue Mission works to raise funds to reunite soldiers with pets that they met in war zones while serving in the military. They also assist with pet rescue, foster, re-homing and veterinary care for our soldiers pets.  

In Part 1 of this PGR Podcast, I was honored to meet Service Members Kassia and Ryan, who both served in Afghanistan and tell us the stories of their dogs or “Battle Buddies,” as they are called.

In Part 2,  I interview Kim, who has 4 Afghani dogs, but is not serving in the military. Kim told me that providing a sense of comfort for our Military members that CAN’T take their dogs back to the states when their tour of duty is complete is why she adopts from The Puppy Rescue Mission. It is her way of saying “Thank You for your service.”  Kim’s dog “Meatball” is amazing and will be a service dog for her husband Joe.

This Podcast was so special …. and emotional!

Please visit for information on this incredible organization.

Let’s meet The Puppy Rescue Mission and our heroes!

Terrie Carr





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