Pets Get Rocked Podcast #9: Kevin Martin of Candlebox


I adore Kevin Martin!  And Candlebox is one of my favorite bands. Not only did they rule the ’90s with tunes that have stood the test of time like “You,” “Far Behind,” and “Cover Me,” but they have consistently put out great records and are coming back on April 22nd with their sixth release, Disappearing In Airports, which is just fantastic.

Kevin is not only the singer and driving force behind Candlebox, but is also a pet parent with the recent addition of a new kitten named “Moon” to the Martin household. In this PGR Podcast, Kevin tells me about putting together the new release, how he became a pet parent and why his family chose a black cat as their next family member.

The Pets Get Rocked Podcast rocks with Kevin Martin from Candlebox!






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