Pets Get Rocked Podcast #7: Bass Icon Billy Sheehan


When I think “bass,” I think of 3 masters… Geddy Lee, John Entwistle, and Billy Sheehan.

From his early days in Talas, to his major role in David Lee Roth‘s solo band, followed by the metal harmony band Mr. Big, and now the incredible power trio, The Winery Dogs (with Mike Portnoy and Richie Kotzen), Billy has changed bass playing in rock.

When I met Billy I couldn’t get over how much he loved animals and how Spooky his cat was such a huge part of his world.

In this PGR podcast Billy talks Dogs and Cats! Billy tells PGR about the incredible new Winery Dogs release, Hot Streak, his early love for animals, and gives PGR the scoop on “Spooky,” the worlds coolest cat.

The Pets Get Rocked podcast is “all about the bass” this time around and welcomes the iconic Billy Sheehan!

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