Pets Get Rocked Podcast #12: Dr. Matthew Fink of The Revolution and New Power Generation


In my wildest dreams I never thought while taping this podcast with former Prince and The Revolution and New Power Generation member, keyboardist and collaborator Dr. Fink last week that we would lose our beloved Prince Rogers Nelson just a week later. I am still numb.

Phoebe and Lola Fink

When I initially found out Matt Fink was going to be on PGR to talk about his love of dogs and his rescues I was super excited to not only talk dogs but also PRINCE!! My absolute favorite. Fink was on sooooo many great Prince records, was in Purple Rain (with some incredible one liners!) is a staple of the Prince live performances thru the 1990’s and when Prince yelled…”DOCTOR”-  Fink would blaze into a keyboard solo that was a huge part of the Revolution and NPG’s incredible legacy.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak to this wonderful musician about his time with the Iconic Purple Genius (and of course about how his dogs have enriched his life)

The memories are wonderful, stories inspiring and I should have known that it would be dogs that would lead me to meet a member of a band led by my idol!

Prince did a lot of philanthropic work that he insisted fly under the radar. Please listen to his song “Animal Kingdom” if you get a chance. It says it all.

Goodnight Sweet Prince and thank you Dr. Matther Fink for a wonderful look back at a time now lost forever….

The Pets Get Rocked Podcast welcomes… Dr. Matthew Fink…..


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