Rosie’s Review: Cheap Trick We’re All Alright

Hey it’s me… Rescue Rosie with another review. Ever since I joined my mom’s pack, there has been one band that she consistently plays over and over. That band, I am told, is CHEAP TRICK.

From what I can tell, these guys have a sound all their own and my mom keeps freaking out about how good their new release, We’re All Alright, is!

These guys never lose their cool factor and this collection is one of their best ever. There is a vibrancy that takes us a rockin journey of fast punches, hard rockers and an excitement that bands that have been in the game less than half their time will never have.

Stand out tracks… “Lolita,” “Radio Lover” (my mom’s favorite because she’s on the radio) and the first single, “Long Time Coming,” which is CT at their finest. This release ROCKS! Long Live the American Beatles! (and my mom loves their guitar player, Rick Nielsen, too!)

I’m Rescue Rosie and I give We’re All Alright a 4 out of 4 paws UP!


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