Rosie’s Review: Highly Suspect – The Boy Who Died Wolf

It’s me, Rescue Rosie…. and man do I have something for your ears this week!

I love a great three-piece band and when one has a sophomore release that’s even better than their killer debut, it really shakes my paws!

Highly Suspect is a band from Cape Cod that me and my mom went barkers for with their debut, Mister AsylumEnter their second release that has a ’90s post grunge vibe, distorted guitar sound and monster tunes about love, passion, loss and life.

Highlights: “My Name Is Human,” “Wolf” and “For Billy.” However, the standout show stopper is “Little One,” a song that grabs you and never let’s go.

This power trio is here to stay… and rock needs these guys!

I’m Rosie The Rescue and I give Highly Suspect The Boy Who Died Wolf  my first ever 4 out of 4 paws UP!

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