Barking and Whining… Why did it start? Can it STOP?!

All of a sudden my older dog Scarlet has decided that barking a lot is cool. So she does it… a lot!

Scarlet is a senior dog, so the first thing I did was make sure her hearing was not failing as excessive barking can be a habit of dogs that aren’t hearing well and are trying to communicate. Once it was determined that Scarlet’s hearing was fine, the origin of her bark motivation was tougher to pinpoint.

Scarlet’s breed is Yorkshire Terrier… they love barking… developing this habit later in life in not that uncommon.  At first, I was to blame as when she would bark at me, I would give her a treat to try and get her to stop… NO!  Not good… I was rewarding the behavior I was trying to change.

Ignoring the barking didn’t work for me as I really feel she was trying to tell me something and I felt like her crappy human.

On to the next plan… I suspected that the attention I was giving our newest addition Rosie might be the thing that was making Scarlet make more noise than a Metallica show. Whenever I paid more attention to Rosie, Scar came to life. It made sense. Now Scarlet gets solo walks with me. Just me and my first child. She also gets to sleep exclusively with me every night as she has for the last 12 years, while Rosie happily sleeps in her bed.

Sometimes when a new family member enters, whether it is 2 or 4 legged, our fur babies feel slighted. They don’t understand. Extra attention, and alone time with mom has really made a difference.

For Pets Get Rocked, I’m Terrie Carr reminding you to ROCK with your pets!


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