Rosie’s Review: Letters From The Fire “Worth The Pain”

It’s me… Rosie… with a “dog gone” great review of another band featuring a fearless female front woman!

Love Paramore? Halestorm? Flyleaf? Check out Letters From The Fire – you will love them too!

Alexa Kabazie has been the band’s vocalist and front woman since 2015. Her melodic power vocals are the perfect mix of metal AND pop.

Stand out tracks are “Worth The Pain,” “Scars,” “Mother Misery” and “The Perfect Life.” The song “At War” showcases Alexa’s emotive style and passion for her craft. Mike Keller is a MONSTER on guitar and his style is unique and mega powerful.

The interesting thing about LFTF is the band was originally formed with a male vocalist and their “re-invention” with Alexa is more like a re-birth. This band is ready to be shot out of their cannon for sure!

Women are taking over in rock music and this rock dog loves it!

I’m Rosie the Rescue…. and Letters From The Fire Worth The Pain gets three out of four paws!


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