Rosie’s Review: Citizen Zero ROCKS!

It’s me Rosie… and I have a new fave band that me and my mom can’t stop listening to.

Citizen Zero.

Their debut is called State Of Mind and it is so far one of the best of 2017. I hear they are from a place called Detroit that breeds really cool artists.

CZ is an “honest” band. Really authentic in their sound which combines jams, a cool party sound at times and incredible vocals from singer and founder, Josh LeMay.  The band has an incredible backstory with the loss of a founding member early in their career, but they forged on and how lucky are we?

Listen and you will see!

Key tracks I run around the yard to are “Go (Let Me Save you)” … with it’s crunchy feel and monster vocals … “Love Let It” … which I can’t stop listening to … and “Lure And Persuade” … which is an anthem of fun and debauchery, and good for digging holes.  

These guys are the real deal! So freaking good! For more information check them out right here! My mom is going to see them next month and she is super psyched!

I’m Rosie The Rescue and I give Citizen Zero Save Yourself three and a half paws! 


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