Pets Get Rocked Debuts “The Grill @ PGR”

So we have this friend in the music business, Mike Newman.  He likes to collect recipes from all kinds of different musicians and people in the music business.  To date, he has only shared them with a select group of individuals within the radio and music industry… but that is about to change.  

Pets Get Rocked would like to introduce you to “The Grill @ PGR,” one of our many new features planned for our followers.  

PGR will now be offering up recipes for human consumption, courtesy of The Grill!  We’ll be rolling them out frequently and you can check out the debut from The Black Angels with their crawfish recipe at this link.

But that’s not all!  We will be expanding The Grill for our furry friends as well!  We’re going to start asking our Rock Star friends what they feed their pets and share it here. And, if you have a favorite recipe for your animal, share it with us at  We may use it here at The Grill. 

Please include the following information: Name, City, State, and the recipe in as much detail as possible. Pictures of the finished product are appreciated.  Also, please include the name and picture of the pet that enjoys the recipe. The most important part, right?   

For Pets Get Rocked, I’m Terrie Carr reminding you to eat healthy with your pets!  

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