Patrick Stewart Fosters A Dog And The Internet Goes Wild!

Sir Patrick Stewart is a living legend. From his work on the Star Trek franchise to X-Men to stage work, voice work, films, TV, Shakespeare … the list is long … very long.  

However, it is this past week that has caused his social media sites to explode. Mostly because of a dog named Ginger.

Stewart and his wife, Sunny, decided that fostering a dog was in the cards for them. Enter Ginger, with help from Wags and Walks, a pitbull that seems to fit right in with the Stewart pack. Why is Stewart taking his foster experience to social media so important? 

First, Stewart is showing us that giving a little gains a lot. The joy on his face and Ginger’s face truly encompass what fostering is all about. Giving a dog love, security and the joy of a loving home while they are looking for their forever home is a glorious feeling. Stewart also shows how joyous fostering makes us! Smiles, stress relief, and a sense of purpose are all things that feed our souls. He is also showing how loving and smart the Bully breeds are and how his experience is one to be treasured, not feared because of the dog’s label. And finally, if a small portion of people who are liking, checking out and commenting on his social media posts consider fostering the world will change for homeless pets.

So, thank you, Sir Patrick … from the bottom of our hearts.

Check out some of Ginger and Patrick’s videos here.


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