Dining Al Fursco With Your BFF (Best Furry Friend)


I love dining Al Fresco… Al “Fursco” is even better.  In N.J., I am fortunate that there are some cool places that allow Scarlet to accompany me to grab a bite and hang outside. Especially in the beach communities. We take advantage of Spring and Summer dining together as often as we can. The first time I took my dog to a pet friendly restaurant, I wasn’t sure how she would behave … she gets a bit excitable when she sees other dogs… always looking for a playmate … SURPRISINGLY she was fantastic. Blew my mind.

She actually loves to go out to eat and I always bring a water bowl and treats as every place is different. Some restaurants offer dog friendly menus, some provide water bowls, some allow you to order special items for your dog. Either way, it can be a great experience but please be prepared. A few helpful guidelines to follow will always ensure that you will get invited back!

  • Overall, make sure your dog is well behaved. Barking while people are trying to eat is not cool. It can be as aggravating as kids running around a restaurant (which always grinds my gears!)
  • Bring your own water bowl and some treats so your dog has something to do and doesn’t get thirsty or hot.
  • Keep your dog out of the way of the footpath of servers and patrons. A shady spot under a table OR a booster seat if restaurant provides is the best spot for your pooch to hang.
  • Some spots have specific dog friendly tables. If that is the case, ALWAYS call ahead and reserve.

Make sure your dog behaves like you would expect a family member. The more establishments have positive experiences with our furry family members, the more open to four-legged guests other establishments will become.

Bon Appetite!


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