February 23rd is World Spay Day – Say “bye” to balls…

AC/DC’s song BIG BALLS always make me think of spay and neuter……IT DOES!

World Spay Day (presented by the Humane Society of the United States) takes place annually on the fourth Tuesday in February and sheds light on the absolute urgent need to control the pet population and the health and well being of our pets and those that may need help in affording these necessary services.

A few Spay/Neuter facts…

  • One female cat and her unaltered offspring can produce over 420,000 offspring in 7 years.
  • Dogs aren’t far behind with almost 70,000 produced in a 6 year period.
  • Where do these un wanted animals end up? In shelters getting euthanized if they don’t find a home.
  • Male dogs do not become “less mean or cool” if their balls come off. In fact, you can help them prevent re productive cancers and reduce their risk of running away and wandering from home.
  • Female dogs, especially smaller ones can also have reproductive cancer risks lowered as well.

There are low cost Spay/Neuter clinics all over the United States…visit www.worldspayday.org for more info….let’s be part of the solution! Promote Spay/Neuter!

Bye Bye Balls!

For Pets Get Rocked, I’m Terrie Carr reminding you to ROCK with your pets!



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