How You Can Help A Shelter Pet This Holiday Season

The Holiday season by nature makes us feel more generous. It just does, so I figured I would blog this topic early in the season so, if you are so inclined, you can join the party.

With that said… I must confess… I tend to be kinda “scroogy” around the holidays… I do! Lol…. HOWEVER… I am always up to help the furries and it always makes me feel more festive.  And in our next PGR Video Bite, I team up with the incredible Russell Allen from Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob, and Trans Siberian Orchestra to deliver pet supplies to a local shelter. (AND Russell sang to some of the four legged residents…so great…premiering soon)

Here are a few simple things you can do to truly make a difference for a homeless animal

  1. Organize a workplace supply drive and get your co workers involved. If folks can bring supplies to the workplace instead of a shelter they will be more inclined to donate and you will make a killing for a shelter. Shelters also need cleaning supplies, paper towels, regular towels etc, so dog food, toys, collars etc aren’t the only thing needed.
  2. Do you bake? Bake something simple and bring it to your local shelter. Or just buy something yummy…(like I do!) If they do a bake sale…awesome…if not….offer to the amazing volunteers…
  3. Sponsor A Shelter Pet- Last year one of my listeners sponsored a fantastic Pitbull in my name from a local shelter as a gift for me….I was blown away! I received updates on him, pictures etc….Check out your local shelter and see if they offer this awesome program.
  4. Check your local shelters “Amazon Wishlist”….some shelters have their needs posted on Amazon. Helping a shelter pet is only a “Click” away!
  5. Bring a shelter pet “Home For The Holidays”….Some shelters now offer the opportunity to bring some of their residents to your home for a chance to get out of the shelter during the holiday. I love this idea, with certain shelter residents being afforded the opportunity to experience a true “Home” for the holiday.
  6. Offer to play Santa or Mrs. Claus for an animal shelters pictures with Santa program if they do one. And if you are an animal maniac like me, you will have a blast!

There are so many ways to do something fantastic….a little goes a long way with homeless animals. And if we all just gave a little…………..

Have a great season!

And don’t forget to ROCK with your pets!



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