Senior Dogs ROCK! Why a Grey Muzzle can be the best!

It is hard to believe my dog Scarlet is a senior!

Dogs can become seniors as early as age seven and it is so sad to see older dogs end up in shelters. When I first started getting involved with rescue pets, it was unconsionable that in their twilight years, these family members would end up unwanted … HOWEVER … sometimes people die, or fall on financial hardship and simply cannot provide for their pet. Yes, puppies and kittens are soooo freakin’ cute…. but there are qualities senior dogs and cats have that younger companions cannot give us…


– Basically, we know what we are getting. A dog’s behaviors are formed and there are fewer surprises.

– Housebreaking? Nope….not like puppies!

– Love the couch? So do seniors! Get ready for extra cuddle time.

– The “grateful” factor – Seniors always seem more grateful for love… they just do.

– They are just as cute as puppies! The look of a grey muzzle, sincere eyes and and extra loving heart make the senior pet set as cute as they come!

And don’t forget senior pets can have a more difficult time getting adopted, so you will feel an EXTRA sense of satisfaction in saving a life.

There are a bunch of rescue groups that specialize in seniors and of course your local shelter, which I am sure has an array of seniors to choose from.

There is a great saying…

“Blessed is the person who loves an older dog, for their time with us is much more important than our time with them”

Rock the Grey Muzzle!

For Pets Get Rocked, I’m Terrie Carr reminding you to ROCK with your pets!

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